011_3180x2090_all-free-download.com_1Primary Care is a level of healthcare service that provides personally focused care for all but the most uncommon or unusual of conditions. In our opinion, this form of care allows for our staff to know our patients personally and implement the proper care procedures based on our intimate knowledge of the families, communities, and cultures of the patients we serve.


CFCK_01_WidgetInternal Medicine prepares physicians to handle a wide array of illness. General internists are experts in treatment and diagnosis of chronic illness and disease prevention. Internal medicine physicians are not limited to one particular set of organs or biological system, but instead have a wide scope of knowledge that can be applied to almost any common medical issue.

substance-abuseSubstance Abuse requires recovery.  Recovery is a process that takes place at the individual level. Everyone is different, and therefor the exact path towards recovery from substance abuse will vary. Our philosophy is that substance abuse is best approached with a combination of counseling and medication. We get to know our patients and treat them at the individual level because it is our goal to not only medically treat substance abuse, but to loosen its grips from our patient’s psyche as well. The process of recovery is highly personal and occurs differently for each individual. It can consist of clinical treatment, medications, and many other approaches.

physical_therapyPhysical Therapy is grounded in established theoretical and scientific principles, the aim of which is to restore, maintain, and promote optimal physical function in patients. Physical Therapists are healthcare professionals who work to help patients maintain, restore and improve the way a patient’s body moves and functions. By doing this, physical therapists enhance patient’s health, well-being, and quality of life.  The services of a trained physical therapist minimize or eliminate impairments of bodily function and limitations of physical activity. Physical Therapy professionals play an integral part in the modern healthcare.


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